Brown Plaid Scarf

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  • 175cm Long x 70cm Wide
  • 68 inches Long x 27 inches Wide
  • Very Soft against your skin
  • Beautiful Range of Colours

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Brown Plaid Scarf

Traditional Brown Plaid Scarves

This traditional Brown Plaid Scarf is a beautiful and versatile addition to your wardrobe and can be worn in a number of ways.

With rich colour and the natural sheen of silk, this traditional Thai Brown Plaid Scarf will give you a bright, glamorous look for any occasion.

Have a beautiful new traditional Brown Plaid Scarf delivered to your door – your friends will not believe you when you tell them the price you paid!

Delivered to you in under 14 working days – Direct from Thailand.


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Thailand is a place legendary for lissome silk and now is able to ship the utter suppleness of a Brown Plaid Scarf to your doorstep directly from Thailand within just ten days. And all you need to do is click a button.

The colorful luster of a multi-toned Thai Brown Plaid Scarf will wonderfully highlight any outfit from a casual pair of jeans to an elegant evening dress.

Draped around your shoulders, it will give you that homely feeling of a grandmother’s towelled embrace after you’ve come in on a frigid rainy day.

A Brown Plaid Scarf is a glamorous way to rebuke the dreary banality of winter clothing. It will shine like an emerald in the rough under the lights of a ballroom or grocery store just the same after you’ve neatly tucked it into your jacket in a simple ‘slip’ knot.

And that’s the power of an authentic Thai Brown Plaid Scarf, no matter where you are going or how you are wearing it, you will have the confidence of a woman walking down the runway of an international fashion show.

One day you can have it wrapped up in the cosmopolitan ‘fancy braid knot’ and the next the more light-hearted ‘girly Windsor’ or ‘boho loop tie’ knot.

An iridescent multi-toned Brown Scarf is a truly unique addition to any wardrobe. So, take advantage of the world literally being at your fingertips and order one from a reliable family wholesaler today. This is a precious opportunity to bring a little piece of the mystical world of Thailand into your life.

Don’t delay, and become the envy of all your friends when you tell them the price you paid!


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