Traditional Thai Orange Scarf

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  • 160cm (63 inches) Long x 60cm (24 inches) Wide
  • Soft to Touch
  • Beautiful Range of Colours

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Traditional Thai orange silk scarves

This traditional Thai Orange Scarf is a wonderful and versatile addition to your wardrobe and can be worn in a number of ways.

A finely woven butterfly pattern shimmers with colour when you are wearing this Orange Scarf.

With rich colour and the natural sheen of silk, this traditional Thai Orange silk scarf will give you a bright, glamorous look for any occasion.

Have a beautiful new traditional Thai Orange silk scarf delivered to your door – your friends will not believe you when you tell them the price you paid!

Delivered to you free in 10-15 Business Days – Direct from Thailand.

Thai silk scarves are an excellent way to spruce up any outfit because of their versatility and comfort.

However, the only way to ensure that you were buying the highest quality silk used to be to scour the streets of the Chiang Mai night markets in northern Thailand. Now, there is a reliable way of acquiring the luxurious softness of Thai silk from a woman whose family has worked in those very markets for years.

Yes, order directly from and you can receive a lovely hypoallergenic scarf in an array of colors from green to purple to a saucy orange mailed to your door within ten days.

Despite the delicate appearance of our multi-toned orange silk scarf, it is relatively robust with a smooth surface that is ascetically pleasing while also resistant to soiling and odors.

It a wonderful way to brighten up your wardrobe whether you are trying to remain positive and keep warm on a chilly winter day while running errands or merely draping it around your shoulders in homage to the radiance of the sun.

The multi-toned orange scarf can also marvelously accentuate an evening gown bringing a certain level of heightened elegance to it perfectly matching an array of gold jewelry or just add a layer of color over a simple ensemble of jeans and a blouse.

So warm your soul by ordering this lustrous multi-toned orange scarf, or any other color from our comprehensive inventory of the highest quality silk, and bring a beautiful part of tropical Thailand directly to your door with the press of a button. Cut out the middleman.

Forget the pricey overseas retail stores that sell products with outrageous markups. Take advantage of the world literally being at your fingertips and purchase this wonderful orange scarf straight from a wholesaler in Thailand. It’s an easy as that.

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