Patterned Turquoise Pashmina

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  • 178cm long x 70cm wide
  • Soft to Touch
  • Patterned Turquoise Pashmina Wrap

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Patterned Turquoise Pashmina

This light and soft patterned TurquoisePashmina, look great draped loosely around your neck or body, and gives you endless looks and styles.

The Turquoise Pashmina is light and breathable, and is a sensational addition to your wardrobe, giving you relaxed look any time of year.

Turquoise Pashmina

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______________________________________ can now deliver a turquoise pashmina scarf directly to your house with just the click of a button. This is a precious opportunity to experience exactly why the word pashmina means ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri.

The combination of the suppleness of cashmere with the luster of Thai silk will make you feel like you have transcended into a heavenly kingdom every time you drape a pashmina scarf around yourself.

This turquoise scarf is delicately overlaid with a soft brown floral pattern that creates an elegant marriage between classical fashion and modern designs.

It is suitable for everybody from stylish soccer moms to cosmopolitan chic city women, but its functionality is where a turquoise pashmina scarf’s true value lies. You can quickly wrap it around your shoulders to keep you fashionably warm while running errands.

You can also tie it up in a ‘muffler’ knot or simple ‘loose wrap’ to keep your neck warm. Putting your turquoise scarf in a ‘double loop’ knot effortless adds a worldly twist to an evening dress and will match a variety of different colors of earrings.

It is an excellent way to add a bit of sophistication to any outfit that will have passers-by and friends alike begging to find out where you got such a majestic looking scarf. And the best part is, you can tell them northern Thailand and watch them turn green with envy.

There is no better place to get a turquoise pashmina scarf with floral pattering than the reliable family wholesaler of

There is a full range of colorful pashmina scarves available on this website, so you can easily find the one that fits you and your life. So, forget about the expensive overseas retail stores that try to price gouge you and order directly from this website and be wrapped in the ultimate comfort of a turquoise pashmina scarf in ten days or less.


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