Open Stitch Pink Scarves

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  • 160cm long x 50cm wide
  • Unique Open Stitch Style
  • Soft to Touch and Light to Wear
  • Cosy & Warm
  • Pink Scarves

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These unique open weave style Pink Scarves, look great draped loosely around your neck and can also make an ideal headband.

160cm long x 50cm wide

There are many uses and styles from one of these beautiful Pink Scarves. It is perfect for summer cover-ups, and an ideal and cosy warm shawl in winter.

Open Stitch Pink Scarves keep you cosy in an effortless style all year round and will be a talking point every time you wear!

Pink Scarves

Australia: – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide
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What better way to show the world that even though you are a serious woman you are not afraid to show off your light-hearted girlie side than with one of the many styles of pink silk scarves that can be found at

We are a reliable family wholesaler from northern Thailand that specializes in authentic hypoallergenic silk scarves. We have an extensive stock of colors ranging from cherub pink scarves to iridescent purple ones.

Though Thai silk is renown for its lissomness, it is a relatively robust fabric that can resist stains and odors. However, the supreme advantage of one of our pink scarves is its fantastic functionality. There are any number of knots that you can use to tailor to your mood at the beginning of each morning. Say, one day you feel like highlighting your neckline with a slightly seductive ‘Pan Am scarf’ knot, while the next, you want to accentuate your maturity with a refined European ‘muffler’ knot, a Thai silk scarf can do each of those as well as anything in between.

You can tie one of our pink scarves in a ‘halter top’ knot on your way to the beach and let it double as a blanket as you recline on the sand and absorb the summer rays. Or, during the winter, you can wrap it in a ‘slip’ knot in order to protect your neck from a chilly evening wind.

That’s why our Thai pink silk scarves are for everybody from stylish soccer moms to cosmopolitan chic city women. So, forget about the expensive overseas retail stores that try to price gouge you and order directly from us.

We will ship you one of our pink scarves, or any other color from our comprehensive inventory, so you can experience the majesty of Thai silk for yourself, because after all, we are all queens of our own domain.


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