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To help those searching for the perfect silk scarf, here are facts and myths about silk products.

Fact #1
To create quality silk, the silkworms eat excessive amounts of fresh mulberry leaves.

Fact #2
Unlike other cultures, Thai silk starts the dyeing process before the weaving. This encourages producing rich color and quality silk fabric.

Fact #3
The production or silk, also known as sericulture, has been practiced in Thailand for more than 3000 years.

Myth #1
Silk is a very fragile fabric. Actually, silk obtains resilient and durable qualities. If a single silk fibre and a steel wire of the same diameter were compared, they would both hold the same amount of strength.
By knowing the right way to care for silk, one can keep the product in original condition for many years.

Fact #4
A single silkworm moth lays approximately 500 eggs over the course of 4-6 days.

Fact #5
The width of handwoven silk is usually smaller than that of machine generated silk. Additionally, the width is limited to the size of the loom, and usually reaches 1m or less. A skilled weaver can produce up to 4m a day.

Fact #6
It takes about 8kg of cocoons or 5500 silkworms to create 1kg of organic silk.

Myth #2
Silk is difficult to care for. In actual fact, genuine silk resists stains and dirt. If you wish to clean your Thai silk, only dry or hand wash the silk in order for it’s condition to remain. Followed by drying indoors.

Fact #7
It takes the silkworms about a month to grow big enough to create a cocoon. The cocoon spinning operations takes roughly 3-5 days.

Fact #8
If a loosely woven silk is washed, it will tighten the weave, which will make the product look smaller.

Fact #9
Of all the silk fabric created in Thailand, 60% is completely handwoven.

Myth #3
Silk is uncomfortable.

Silk is exothermic, which means it releases energy as heat when absorbing moisture. Basically, silk clothing will keep you warm even when wet. Silk fibres can absorb one third of its own weight in water without feeling damp, which keeps your skin dry. Silk is one of the safest fabrics you can have associated with your skin.

When burning, silk transforms into harmless ash. It is proven to be more heat resistant than wool. Organic silk maintains 12 different amino acids useful for any age and skin type, which explains why it is involved in many beauty products.